We came into contact with Sóller Studio via friends of ours who bought one of the most iconic homes in the neighbourhood of Sóller and when we as well were seduced by the region, they highly recommended us Borja and his team. And how right they were! 
Being professionally active in real estate ourselves we recognise craftsmanship when we experience it and we were really impressed. Borja and his team helped us get rid of all the troublesome aspects and formalities of buying real estate in a foreign country thousands of miles from home. And their professional network produces contacts for every question that might arise related to buying real estate on Mallorca. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough. 
Anthony Wittesaele

My experience with the agency Sóller Studio was remarkable. An agency with unparalleled patience and professionalism. The agency assisted us thoughout the entire process in every way. Aproachable, friendly and understanding. I recommend Soller Studio 100% and thank them for their work.  ML Laguzzi Poirier

We have used the services of Sóller Studio three times in the last 5 years and have been very satisfied. 
The entire Sóller Studio team has been very professional and helpful both in the search for properties and during visits to properties that met our criteria (price, location, surroundings, ...), as well as in the sale of our house. 
The visits were carried out in an efficient way, followed up and optimised. Thanks to this, we were able to quickly find the property we were looking for and we were able to sell our house within two months without having to move. 
Furthermore, the Sóller Studio team assisted us right up to the end, in many of the administrative procedures of both the sale and the purchase. 
We would like to thank Sóller Studio once again for their professionalism, efficiency and reliability.

Jean-Sebastien and Astrid Bureau

I would like to congratulate Sóller Studio for their good work and service and their excellent treatment in the sale of our property.

Joan Bestard Bauza

Good service during and after buying our beautiful house.

Sandra Parry y Rutger Pontzen
Soller Studio are quietly reassuringly confident of their own market; they possess a thorough local knowledge of the houses they deal in, have enthusiastic waiting clients who trust them and are efficient professionals in all their dealings. Our house was on the market for only eighteen days before they found us a buyer offering almost the full asking price. The whole of the subsequent legal and logistical process was likewise facilitated. I do not hesitate to recommend Soller Studio to anyone either looking to buy or to sell a property in the area.
Martin Roche

Soller Studio found a buyer for our family owned house in Soller within weeks of us putting it on the market with them. Simon Reynolds, the team’s English agent, liaised with our many family members throughout the process, dealing with our individual concerns with tact and patience, making it as easy as possible for us as non-resident owners. 

The team understood the potential of our house from the outset and knew how to communicate this. They began by taking outstanding photographs which both illustrated its charm and showed it in detail, and put these together with an inviting verbal description on their website. So anyone visiting it had an immediate but comprehensive idea of its character from the beginning.

Having found us a buyer, their service extended to providing a local lawyer, accountant, and notario, with all of whom they negotiated on our behalf. They set up powers of attorney where necessary, and even took over responsibility for closing our utilities and local bank account at the conclusion of the sale. As the Soller Studio team includes native English, German, Spanish, and Mallorcan speakers, all the normal barriers arising from the differences of language and culture which we might have expected to encounter melted away.  Above all, the team’s enthusiasm and coordination of all the elements involved - together with Simon Reynold’s calm demeanour and patience - orchestrated a successful conclusion for seller and buyer like. 

Pandora Smith

I have been extremely pleased with the service and efficiency of Simon Reynolds and Sóller Studio in selling our lovely old family home in Sóller.

He was able to find a qualified buyer and get us very close to the asking price extremely quickly. We had tried to sell before in years past with other companies to no avail.

I would highly recommend Simon and this company. It’s been a pleasure to work with them.

Vanessa Lindgren


Sóller Studio not only found the perfect buyer for our house, but helped us every single step of the way, from negotiating and advising our family to accompanying us on the day of settlement, with such a deft, professional, and personal touch, we could not have done it without them. Sóller Studio is a family owned business and you can really feel the difference. 5 golden stars for a great service!

Cordelia Roche

Competent service. Friendly staff. Highly recommended!

Thomas Belz

From the moment we decided to entrust Soller Studio to sell our apartment, I knew we were in the right hands. Communication was honest and clear, everyone was very helpful, from getting the correct paperwork in order to answering questions, and it felt that our interests were also those of the agency, which was refreshing. We would definitely recommend them or use them again for any future real estate transaction.

Blaire Dessent

I first visited Soller in 2014 for a family holiday and fell in love with it! I decided on that first visit that it was somewhere I would like to live and over the next few years visited two or three times a year (I live in Asia).  I met Borja early on and he helped me to understand the area and we visited many properties together.  Although I had decided I wanted to retire there, I really was not sure how I wanted to live and what type of property I wanted.  Over the years my thoughts changed several times, but Borja and the team were super supportive and were happy to discuss options.

In 2017 I bought an apartment that needed a full restoration and loved the process, but it was not going to be my permanent home, so the search continued.  At this stage I started to work with Simon too, keeping in touch and planning my visits to get maximum viewings.  Simon showed me a beautiful old stone house with a casita in the garden, the buildings were in need of a full restoration and some walls were collapsing but I fell in love with it, sadly it was not to be and another party agreed a sale and they later withdrew the property.  I kept thinking about the little house and when something similar came up Simon contacted me and as I could not travel there at the time he took multiple videos and pictures to show me the location and even walked the path between a road i knew well and the actual property so I could see the distance and route, making a video as he walked.  Sadly I was beaten to that house at the very final stages.  Still I thought back to the first little house that I loved and said to Simon that was my dream home (or could be, once restored).  Simon went back to the owners and explained that I really wanted their house (at this stage it was not on sale) and over a few weeks where my fingers remained crossed he negotiated a deal and I am delighted to have bought the house in Spring 2019. 

I am currently developing plans with the architect for full renovation, so it will be a while before I move in, but over the period I have known both Borja and Simon they indulged my back and fro thoughts on exactly what I wanted, but once I was clear on what I wanted they went all out to secure my dream home for me.  I cannot thank them enough for all their support, advice and dedication and when the house is done they will definitely be invited round to celebrate with me.

Dani Balic

They converted a property sale into a friendship.

Our experience of Sóller Studio in short was: " Easy and approachable".

An excellent service, very friendly.

When problems appear, they explained them clearly and directly, at the same time providing a solution.

Roberto Martorell

Selling our property through Sóller Studio has been a very positive experience. Borja and his team led us through the process, making the whole thing as easy as could be. From the initial contact to the actual sale, everything went smoothly, and everything was dealt with in a friendly and professional manner.

Sóller Studio went beyond our expectations, taking care of all the little things that accompany a sale (or purchase, for that matter), allowing us to avoid a lot of the trouble and stress that is so often associated with selling. We would not hesitate to recommend them, or to use their services again.

Jeremy Lynton

We want to express to Sóller Studio, Borja, and above all Simon, our English liaison and dedicated speaker, our gratitude and great satisfaction for the work with the sale of our family home in Sóller.
Their dedication and professionalism have led us to a satisfactory outcome for all. They have been able to find the right customer for the sale, and even though we were filled with emotions they fulfilled the expectations of all parties. We appreciated your discretion, your good will at all times and the perfect organization regarding the numerous procedures.
Thank you very much to everyone at Sóller Studio.

Maria Neus Vives

We recently completed the purchase of a home in Fornalutx. From start to finish our experience with Studio Soller was top notch.  Once we found a property we liked, Simon worked with us to clarify all of the important details before making an offer that was ultimately successful.  Their follow-up leading up to the exchange was timely as well.  We highly recommend Sóller Studio for a smooth entry into this beautiful region.  –

Chris Godlove and Julien Hartley

I just wanted to say that we have been very happy with your services through the whole process. You have been great in understanding our needs and have suggested relevant properties that we should look at even though it was out of our original scope. After the purchase we have received at lot of support with lawyers, gardeners etc. Borja is always open to help. We also appreciate the swift reply whenever we had or still have a question. All in all, working with Sóller Studio has been a great experience. 

Frank H. Jensen

It is said that moving house is one life’s most stressful experiences.  Our decision to retire, and move from a large sprawling house to an apartment in the UK and finca in Mallorca was only likely to increase any concerns.  Bring the confusion of Brexit into the equation and one has the potential for stress overload!

The reality for us was that despite the beard pulling, looks of pity and horror from friends and well intended warnings as to the complexities of buying property in Spain, just six months after our decision was made we are comfortable settled.

Our secret; we found ourselves an excellent firm of local estate agents, Sóller Studio, who gently guided us through the process, working with us and our solicitor to obtain licences, find contractors and ensure that we were able to complete in the tight timescale forced on us by our buyers in the UK.

The deal done the friendly and helpful staff of Sóller Studio continue to support us, even down to finding someone to collect me and the pets from the airport, transferring utilities and much, much more. My conclusion: The stress of moving can be considerably reduced with the right help!

Lizzie and John Hammond

Borja and his team from Sóller Studio are involved from the beginning to the last second of the process.
Borja is honest, reliable, but also very visionary in the Mallorcan real estate market. He gives his opinion in a very objective way and is a great advisor. With Borja, we felt completely reassured.
Sóller Studio is a modern real estate agency that accompanies and assists its clients in all administrative procedures banking, insurance, notary, which is very valuable when you are not from from the country!
Each region has its own rules and it is great to feel accompanied during a sales transaction....  Thank you Borja and team, I recommend you 100%!
Christine Bonnange Pujol

My husband and I had owned a property in Sóller, Majorca for a period of 15 years.  About 10 years ago we placed the apartment on the market.  Over that period we chopped and changed Agents.  We weren’t getting any viewings, let alone any offers.

Eventually our need to sell became more urgent.  I was recommended to Soller Studio because I believed they would be both professional and aggressive Agents. I gave them a time line of 3 months to sell or I would transfer yet again to another Agent.  During that time we had several viewings and eventually we accepted an offer.  They had delivered their promise to sell.

The team at Soller Studio are friendly, helpful and diligent.  I was given a weekly report on the progress of the sale.  I had complete trust in them to handle the legal aspect of the sale.  All in all I was very pleased that I had chosen the Soller Studio.

Susie and Adrian Barralet

We bought an apartment in Sóller, earlier this year.  We approached several agents and we looked at numerous properties - all of the agents were helpful, but we didn’t really get anywhere.

Then we spoke to Borja at Soller Studio.  He arranged to meet us, at short notice, on a Sunday, to look at a building site and then an apartment.  He was super friendly and very approachable, and he gave us some very straightforward and valuable advice about the local property market and how to go about purchasing.

It all went through very painlessly.  Borja and his team helped us with every step of the process.  They were endlessly patient and very professional.  Borja advised us on a whole range of things, including builders and artisans and he guided us though all sorts of arrangements, including meetings with notaries etc.  They went well beyond what we would expect.

We’d strongly recommend Sóller Studio.  The whole experience was just brilliant.

Nigel and Sarah Somner

We have recently bought a property in the centre of Sóller through Sóller Studio. Simon has assisted us from the point when we started searching for the right home a year ago. Simon has always been extremely helpful and has been really good at responding promptly to questions. While the job of an estate agent is, first and foremost, to sell the client’s property, Simon always left us feeling like he was working in our best interests as well as his client’s. He was also very good at seeking to understand what we were and were not, looking for - something that is all the more import and when house viewing involves a 5000km round-trip, with the associated time and cost. His support did not end the day that contracts were signed and he has continued to patiently help us as we feel our way through the issues related to buying a home abroad.

Jess Fowle and Jon Hairsine

The team at Soller Studio have been exceptionally helpful during our search for and purchase of a house in Majorca. Borja has made it his business to know of every house on the market in the area and almost everybody who lives and works in the area!
He and his team have helped with every aspect of house-hunting from solicitors, banking and insurance down to decorators and cleaners! We would definitely use Soller Studio again!

Jane & Adam Higgins

We had come to Mallorca for a holiday and not to purchase a house but a few days in Soller had captured our hearts. It was sheer luck that the property we viewed was with Soller Studio. Borja, Steffie and Maria have all gone beyond the call of duty to walk us through the buying process and long after the sale has completed they have remained on hand with tips, advice and help from what oil we should buy to oil our front door, where best to buy a washing machine and fridge freezer through to booking an emergency plumber to kick start the boiler. If you are looking for a property in the Soller Valley, save yourself a headache and look no further than Soller Studio.

Mark and Lorraine Brown

We recently purchased a property in Sóller, through Sóller Studio. We found Mr. Borja Lopez, the owner and proprietor to be not only the most charming, but also the most helpful, attentive, prompt, and efficient estate agent. The whole process of the purchase went through smoothly, and Borja has been extremely helpful even after completion of the purchase. We have greatly valued his help both through the buying process and through the post purchase support, and would certainly recommend him to any prospective buyer.  

Piyush and Janneke Patel

Wir haben vor kurzem ein Haus in Sóller über Sóller Studio erworben. Da wir das erste Mal im Ausland ein Haus gekauft haben, beeindruckte uns besonders die starke Onlinepräsenz, die hervorragende Photographie und der adäquate Unternehmensauftritt. Als wir Borja kennenlernten, gefiel uns seine Professionalität, Offenheit und Sympathie. Er stellte uns zu jeder Immobilie die wir besuchten detaillierte Informationen zur Verfügung und wies sogar auf mögliche Nachteile dieser hin. Als wir das Angebot für unser Haus machten hatten wir noch viele offene Fragen und diese wurden alle schnell und zuverlässig beantwortet, so konnten wir schnell und ohne Zweifel zu einer Entscheidung kommen. Nach dem Kaufabschluss war uns Sóller Studio mit seinem Netzwerk und lokalen Kontakten eine große Hilfe bei der Organisation verschiedener Arbeiten am Haus. Wenn Sie also ein Haus im wunderschönen Tal von Sóller kaufen möchten, empfehlen wir Ihnen Sóller Studio wärmstens als erste Adresse.

Siobhan & Colm Harvey

You have all been absolutely wonderful. Borja you were extremely good at noticing what we were looking for, while house hunting, you actually knew it before we did. You have all been so very helpful with everything every step of it including the bureaucracy. Maria and Steffie were also really supportive and wonderful. We really felt nothing could go wrong having you guys helping us. Extremely professional and at the same time very personal. It was the best thing finding Sóller Studio,we didn’t know buying a house would be so much fun. Looking very much forward to being your neighbour.

Nina Helweg y Michael Bosschard

We recently bought a house in Soller through Soller Studio. As first time overseas buyers, we were impressed with their strong digital presence, excellent photography and ’just right’ corporate identity. When we met Borja we found him highly professional, open and engaging. He gave us clear information on each property we were viewing including being upfront regarding any potential restrictions. When we moved to offer on our house we asked multiple detailed questions and these were answered fully, promptly and efficiently. We had confidence in the responses and no hesitation in acting upon them to reach a decision. Once we had completed our purchase Soller Studio were invaluable to us in helping to arrange works and services for the house through their network of local contacts. If you wish to buy a property in the beautiful Soller Valley we strongly recommend that you make Soller Studio your first stop.

Siobhan & Colm Harvey

It was a great pleasure to work with Sóller Studio. They are a very professional team and their photographer is fantastic. We asked for a quick sale of our house and it took only 3 weeks to get an offer that we could accept. All this thanks to the good marketing of our property and the great work of Borja, Steffie and Maria.

Lars F. y Niklas E.

Soller Studio may be small but it is perfectly formed; Borja and his team have an unparalleled knowledge of the area and the market, and provide an excellent service to both buyers and sellers alike.

We have been on both sides with them and it has been a real pleasure to work with them; we can't recommend them highly enough, thank you to all!

Lucinda Whiteley

Soller Studio is definitely something more than just a real estate agency. Borja is a very professional and friendly person who listens carefully to his clients and tries to understand them well. He is honest and you can rely on his opinions. He knows Soller valley really well which is very important – it saves time and money. He is also well connected to all sorts of specialists you may need like architects, builders, lawyers etc.

Buying a property abroad is always stressful. Borja brings in the confidence to this process. He makes you feel safe throughout the transaction. Moreover, once you bought a property with Soller Studio, Maria provides you with an excellent after sale service and helps you with a bank account, agreements with the Town Hall, insurance company etc. I feel very fortunate that I came across Soller Studio and I strongly recommend this company. 

Anna Mroczkowska & family

"We fell in love with Soller a couple of years ago, decided to buy a property here and had the fortune to find BORJA as our agent.

What a stroke of LUCK!!!!

This is a truly wonderful man. He helped us so much, showing us a wide range of properties from villas to olivars to town houses, so we could get a real handle on what exactly we wanted.

He then showed us plenty of properties, always within our specification, unusual for an estate agent!! Nothing was too much trouble. And always, always with enthusiasm and a smile.

He also walked us through the Spanish buying process, introducing us to an English speaking Lawyer for the conveyancing and also an excellent Project Manager, Ronald Wit, who took care of the renovation for us.

Borja’s assistant even set up all necessary ongoing payments to the Town Hall and all the authorities.

Comparing this to the UK we thought a lot of this was beyond the call of duty.

We cannot recommend him highly enough!!"

Owen and Wendy Sinclair

"We met Borja Lopez Muñoz de Baena by chance and he was an excellent find.

We were looking for land to build a new house in Port Soller. From the outset he understood our brief perfectly and he worked hard to make the land purchase happen and to remove obstacles to the deal. 

But Borja went beyond that - introducing us to an excellent series of local professionals to make our project a reality. 

Borja is charming and hard working. He does what he says he is going to do in a timely manner, giving realistic advice. He also ensured we were aware of a potential planning issue before we bought the site, which also meant we knew we could trust him.  Importantly for us, his English is very good. 

We are delighted to support him in his new venture at Soller Studio and wish him every success."

Oliver Richards & Clare Spottiswoode

"We strongly recommend Soller Studio and real estate agent Borja Lopez for the purchase of property in Mallorca. The response with the knowledge, compliance, willingness, knowledge and desire to support throughout the entire purchase process has been absolutely outstanding, and goes far beyond what we could expect. Borja has been helpful and supporting in all aspects, like how to relate to the local authorities, local rules, practical tasks as well as things that goes far beyond the house itself. It was really a stroke of luck for us. We bought one of the first items that Borja showed us. We are very happy with our purchase and all the support and help from him. We always felt welcome even though our list of questions was extensive. Even now, after the purchase, we keep in touch with Borja and he always helps us if we need help with authorities or craftsmen. Borja is a real estate agent that we highly recommend and trust to anyone interested in buying a property in Mallorca."

Lennart and Susanna Södergren

"Borja is an outstanding estate agent/realtor/inmobiliario (not sure what term you use here). Of course he knows the market really well and every corner of the Soller Valley, but what makes him exceptional is the personal relationship which he builds with his customers. He wants to understand what people really want and gains satisfaction from helping them to find the right place for them. He is a great person to do business with, great company and someone in whom you can place your full trust."

Steve Turner

"Congratulations with the launch of Soller Studio.

Your integrity, ethics, and experience are of the highest professional standard. We are very happy to endorse your services to anyone who seeks to engage in a property transaction in Soller and surroundings.

The after care you provided has been invaluable in terms of introductions to the leading professionals in Mallorca to complete our purchase and upgrade our home. Thank you.

We look forward to continue to work with you in the future.



"I have worked with Borja for over 3 years both in buying and selling property in the area . He is extremely professional , diligent and honest . He is also extremely well connected in the community and therefore manages to get things done quickly and efficiently"

Richard Church