The retreat of the mountain range

Deià is a small and picturesque village located in the centre of the Tramuntana Mountain Range that for centuries has been the source of immense admiration amongst visitors and natives alike. It boasts countless charms, with the impressive view below to the sea being just one of them.

The village is situated on the slopes of El Teix, one of the highest mountains on the island that in turn lends its name to one of the most prestigious restaurants, "Es Racó d'es Teix”, awarded a Michelin star. Deià’s roots can be traced back to prehistory, but the village that we now know has its origins in the Muslim era.

Deià has always been considered a cultural centre of the island, and many artists, writers, musicians and other figures such as the Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria and Robert Graves have sought refuge here. It is also a perfect example of diversity and integration, where residents have always welcomed visitors with open arms.

Deià Cove is reached by a winding road that runs alongside the course of a torrent.  The image of Deià Cove became well known after being used by the painter Matti Klarwein for the cover of the musician Carlos Santana’s famous album, “Abraxas”.